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Our Team

Head Trainer - Jamie 

Jamie has been riding horses since she was old enough to walk. She is one of the owners and founders of Rabbit Mountain Horse Training. Her job as head trainer includes running clinics, riding clients horses and supervising our other trainers while maintaining and running our beautiful boarding facility. We have spent the last few years privately training horses; however we are now open to the public with our first horsemanship clinic making its debut in 2018 and we have since hosted many more. We look forward to offering many more clinics in the next few years as well as different opportunities to continue to educate equine enthusiasts in the Thunder Bay and surrounding area. 


 Trainer - Jill
Jill has been a team member of Rabbit Mountain Horse training since the very beginning. Her experience and knowledge of the fundamentals has shone through the young horses she has started. Jill has incredible patience and precision when working on the ground specifically with young horses and thrives on putting a solid foundation on every horse she works with.
Trainer - Lindsey
Many of you probably recognize Lindsey from the Facebook page and Vlog series. She has been a busy lady working incredibly hard for us! Lindsey has an extensive equestrian background and has been riding horses since she was six years old. Lindsey has experience in basic dressage, jumping and western riding. Lindsey has spent the last couple of years with us focusing on colt starting and has started nearly a dozen young horses under saddle including her own three year old AQHA Molson. She enjoys teaching the fundamentals both on the ground as well as under saddle. Lindsey is an incredibly talented member of our team with a wealth of knowledge. We look forward to spending the 2021 season with her! 
Trainer/Farrier - Jazmine
Jazmine started her equine journey at a very young age and grew up knowing she wanted to work with them as a career. Jazmine started jumping and three day eventing regularly and followed that passion to Ireland at 18. It was there when she found her absolute obsession with everything hoof related. Jazmine worked and rented from an Irish farrier before enrolling in Farrier school upon her arrival back to Canada. Fast forward 6 years and she now owns a successful business doing what she loves full time and continuing her education every chance she gets. In 2018 Jazmine took a working student position in Germany with an Olympic dressage rider. Jazmine has a passion for helping horses; whether it is working under a horse with a rasp in her hand or riding, she loves learning and continuing to educate herself as well as others.

Junior Apprentice - Joni
Joni has been the latest and greatest addition to our RMHT team. Often the comedic gold featured in our VLOGs Joni is an incredibly hard worker and enjoys spending time with her new equine buddy Griffin! Griffin is a Gypsy Vanner x Paint horse cross who like Joni also enjoys long trail rides and occasionally a cool water crossing. You will find Joni at all of our clinics as an eager hand or wearing the camera around her neck catching your best angles. She is multi talented and is entering the world of Hydro as she continues her education (to buy more horses of course!) Everyone say hi to Joni!
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